Top tips for Partners

Useful tips that will make you a better partner

Choose your words wisely

When listing on platforms, choose your wording carefully and use the right keywords. Keep your title concise, but use as many descriptive words as you effectively can, so that your item will appear in more searches. The more descriptive you are, the fewer questions you’ll have to deal with from possible buyers. To find the right keywords, consider all of the terms you might use to describe the item, and then fit the words together. For example, instead of “Flower wall” use “Flower wall for Wedding & Events.”

Professional photos

During the early stages of Airbnb they found a major problem of properties not appealing to customers because Airbnb hosts weren’t providing decent quality images on their listings. So Airbnb decided to provide free photographers who went around taking pictures to provide a high quality content rich site. Guess what? It worked, customers were more attracted to listings on Airbnb and started to prefer Airbnb over Craiglist. Let’s appeal to our customers and provide quality listings, customers prefer good photos of something they are about to pay money for. Here is a video that gives you 5 tips on how to do that with an iPhone.

Know your price point

When creating a listing on Hireitem, you’ll want to make sure your prices are similar or better than other partners. Price points can vary by location, demand and competition. Read our post on different pricing strategies.

Variety of listings

When offering a product to hire, to increase your revenue you can offer other similar items. When a business is after an item for an event they may be after others as-well, provide them with what they need in one spot. Or a family is moving houses, they won’t just be after a truck they will pay extra for accessories to help them as-well.  


It is crucial when you are writing descriptions on your listing and your profile page. A good description can really make or break a deal. With any business, the more professional you look, the more people will trust you. Trust is a big issue when it comes to online listing, which is why we have added reviews so you can build a reputable brand.

Customer Service

Don’t relax just yet ! After the exchange is done, give the user a nice positive review. Turn your customer into a long time customer, make him want to tell his friends about your service.

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