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tips & advices young artist, Hypley

Written by Michael Manley
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tips & advices young artist, Hypley

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We run a live survey for experienced Australian artists to fill out. Below are the results, we aim to help young Artists reach their maximum potential!

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1. Dj’s

Lee: 6 years experienced from Scrix official
Advice: Keep working, be humble and nice. Share the love and be grateful for all you get
How to get more gigs: Speak to people, don’t be scared. Don’t just jump in and ask for gigs, chat, make friends, discuss entertainment and if venues have any, and if they don’t. Will they?

Jay Humphries: 4 years experienced from Brisbane GPO
Advice: Be yourself, mix with others within your field. Making friends can be the difference between being successful or not.
How to get more gigs: Show up and support your locals and friends.

Oli Fernandez: 14 years experienced from Tribal
Advice: Always put your hand up when there’s gigs on offer, regardless of how little or a lot they are paying as it all balances out, exposure is invaluable, however don’t compromise your sound or you’ll start hating DJing. Keep working, be humble and nice. Share the love and be grateful for all you get
How to get more gigs: You have to become known in the scene and have examples of your sets on Mixcloud as actions speak louder than words.

2. Bands

Jon has 38 years experience in his band Oz Hornz

Advice: Work hard. U can’t buy your reputation you must earn it. If you damage it it’s very hard to fix. Be easy going and ready to roll with the punches. Always be direct in your communication with others. Always be polite. Be well presented. Always give younger musicians a go, like others did for you. Be supportive of fellow performers. There is no room for competitive type behaviour with music. Enjoy yourself after all your doing what you love!!!

How to get more gigs: Knock on doors. Keep agents updated and don’t be scared to make “the call”. A lot if people still rather a one to one conversation rather than email or text. Follow up promptly and be reliable.

3. Singer

Cara: 30 years experience
Advice: Practice as much as possible. More importantly work with as many artists and genres as you possibly can, especially as a singer. Also, upskill yourself to understand staging, musical theory and basic sound engineering techniques. This will help. if you have never heard yourself recorded- do it, as often as possible.
How to get more gigs: Network, work with varying artists and genres. Have a great Show!! Interact with audiences and remember there is always someone watching and listening

Bradley Homes: 35 years experience
Advice: It might not be a good advice, but the times in my life when I have been most successful, made the best money, and enjoyed living the most, were when I was working some kind of a day job as well as performing music professionally.
How to get more gigs: Go out to other peoples gigs, go out to other peoples gigs, Get to know other musicians, get to know the new operators. Make sure you have professional photos, a professional profile, and present yourself well.