Top Kids Party Entertainment

Kids party entertainment, Hypley

Written by Michael Manley
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Kids party entertainment, Hypley

Find the best kids party entertainment for your event

  1. Magicians

  2. Clowns or other

  3. Balloons

  4. Cartoonists

  5. Our Party Games

We know throwing a kids party is no easy task, that is why we have listed the best kids party entertainment.

Our mums know organizing for a birthday there’s a lot to consider- the invitations, location, food , decorations and gift party bags.  That’s before you’ve even thought about how to keep the kids entertained! 

We have done researching from our customers and have come up with a list for types of entertainment or entertainers you can have at your kids event. There’s something to match every kids party theme and budget, as well as options for a variety of kids age groups.


1. Magician

We’ll start with an classic. Magicians not only perform for adults but also for kids as well. Kids will appreciate simple tricks and shorter shows, older kids love anything from card tricks to other illusions. 

2. Disney Princesses

Girls love Elsa, Moana and other characters floating around the party. You don’t even need to hire an entertainer, you could get involved by dressing up as a Disney star yourself. I am sure we have all watched Frozen enough to act like Elsa or Anna.

3. Clowns or others

Our most feared nemesis from childhood, clowns! Clowns look less scary these days then from when we were children. These days they can be more bright and fun, with the same tricks and jokes as when we were kids. Make sure to check beforehand if any child has a phobia of clowns though! They can still scare smaller children easily. 


4. Balloons

Clowns normally have experience with balloons, juggling, riding on tricycles and all sorts of stuff. There are others that can be super experienced with balloon art thought, add more fun to the party with creativeness. You can also buy the new balloons where they all blow up together and have a water bomb war. Although it will create a mess and you might get a water bomb to your face, it is still a great time. Just don’t let their parents find out. 

5. Cartoonists

Perhaps one for a 5+ audience/ Cartoonists are great for any party theme, and the resulting pictures, when stuck into a cheap frame and paired with a slice of cake, make for a fab alternative to a conventional party bag. If you have a talented kid, you could also get them onto the board to draw a picture and everyone has to guess what it is! Be wary though, kids can draw some strange looking pictures.

6. Superheroes

A classic kids party entertainment, find your local superhero directory and see if batman is free to stop in to fight some crime. Kids love their superheroes, whether Marvel or DC. You can also buy some cheap costumes only and play a superhero yourself. Although your kid might be a little disappointed the “real batman” didn’t come.


7. Lazer Tag/ Fun Park

Have your event at your local arcade or theme park where entertainment is everywhere. This can be quite costly if you have to pay for every kid and food, don’t be afraid to ask parents to buy their children tickets and come along. Arcades are always fun with laser tag, basketball, bumper carts, mini put and more. Entertainment parks have water slides, rides and more. Make sure they are all tagged with safety bands and peer grouped incase they get lost.  Don’t try this unless you have adults there.


8. Dancers & Singers

Dancing Queen Parties will help you host a kid’s dance party that will captivate and delight. Get kids dancers or singers for your event. They can sing common songs like “Baby Shark”, “Peppa the pig” or other songs you don’t know, but your kid does. Dancers can teach your kids dance moves to all their children programs or they can teach some classics like the nut bush! This can be entertaining for kids and sets them up with them with skills for kids discos.