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How is Hypley different than KFC?

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When choosing between KFC catering or Hypley catering depends on the taste of your workers or event audience. You should ask what everyone wants to eat, to understand your audience. We did a survey to find that most corporate events want healthy finger food. Choosing KFC could be a poor choice because you may have thought of it first and it can be budget friendly. Your attendees can eat KFC any day of the week, but an event isn’t one of them. That is why we provide more tasty and affordable unique exquisite choices for your event.


Hypley brings all the best local caters into one place. Support local small businesses instead of giant cooperations. We make it easy to find any type of food you need  for your event. We bring you the best affordable quotes for your event from multiple caterers. Our Caterers are vetted with reviews of providing the best service and tastiest food. We are currently Ranked #1 in Catering events.





KFC catering provides a set budget menu that is straight forward subs. It is a standard catering service that does get some companies past the line. Majority think KFC catering is full of grease and is a healthier alternative to fast food like Pizza, Mcdonald’s etc but in reality it isn’t. Example: a 6-inch Chicken and Bacon Ranch on Italian herbs and cheese bread with the recommended fixings is ridiculously unhealthy. It has more calories, sodium, calories from fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar than a double cheeseburger from McDonalds’ dollar menu.



Our Caterers are vetted and have good reviews with healthy options.


We created a competitive market for our caterers with no surchaging or quoting extreme costs.

Our top Caterers in Brisbane

Support your local businesses working every day to survive and not a multi-billion dollar business like KFC.


We have caterers for every different type of event, whether it is corporate, party, wedding or more. We have Indian, Thai, healthy options and more. If you want deep friend chicken like KFC, our caterers can make some delicious home made chicken.

Our top Caterers in Brisbane

We source the top local caterers and chefs, supplying not only affordable services. But a unique luxury service and offering. KFC doesn’t have a delicious experience, it makes you feel sick afterwards. You don’t want that happening to your guests.


Our Providers work closely with the bride and groom to explore and select the right menu to complement your wedding style, theme and budget. Whether you desire a cocktail reception, a generous buffet or perhaps an on-trend banquet dinner, our menu offerings will provide your wedding with unforgettable sophistication, elegance and presentation. We have world class chefs in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Birthdays & Events

Featuring @GrettyRose. We have cake makers, balloon garlands, little deserts and signature made catering for kids. We make sure your daughter or son have just the right amount of fruit and dessert so they don’t get sick on the jumping castle. This photo was taken in Gold Coast.

Corporate Functions

We deliver a catering package that is ideally suited to your event. Don’t settle for a set menu or limited options, we pride ourselves on delivering catering packages that are individually tailored to match all of your needs and requirements. KFC catering is definitely not where you want to go for this type of event.

Do you need to cater for specific dietary requirements? Unlike many caterers in the industry, we have a flexible approach and ability to prove the best catering services to accommodate all needs. Just let us know and we will provide you with a range of delicious options that can help please all of your guests.

The best way to find a cater close to your event. Follow the smell of cheese and choose the most enticing platters and meal packages to satisfy your guests.