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Hypley gives brides, families, planners and businesses easy, online access to the best local event services. By exposing your business to thousands of customers, we help drive sales, automate manual tasks and lower marketing costs.

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Our platform makes it easy for Partners to boost sales and gain new customers. We take care of payments, admin and marketing, so you can concentrate on what you do best – creating memorable experiences

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From 2019 we saw our partners save 30% of time on the entire booking process. Lowered marketing costs and increased sales by 20%. We plan to take it to the next level in 2020. Get your service in front of the most people searching for services like yours.

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We partner with event planners, media outlets, companies, party stores and more to promote your business to their customers


Even if it’s after hours, Hypley is available to your clients. People can check your free slots and book their visits 24/7 from any place.

Many eventies begin with search engines

That's why we don't wait for clients to come to us, but actively promote your listing on search engines all across your city. People search using maps, so a listing on Hypley means your listing is also advertised on Google Maps too which accounts for 40% of search engine traffic.

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Listing event services on Hypley has never been easier or more customisable. You’re just a few steps away from taking your business to the next level. If you don’t want to sign up, you can take advantage of our ‘We will list it for you for free offer’. Simply send your pricing, information and pictures to michael@hypley.com.

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Set your price, add photos and details, then your listing is ready to be seen by millions of people searching for event services.

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Message with clients and accept bookings through the Hypley platform. Once you confirm a booking, your clients will pay.

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Client are charged upfront through Hypley’s secure payment system. Your payout is directly deposited after each booking.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone can be a Hypley Partner, we have entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses and large. However we do vet partners so need to have the required certificates and provide a quality experience.

Signing up for Hypley and listing your services is completely free. Hypley is free to use which includes chat, calendar managing, free listing with a free booking. For more details please visit Help Centre.

As a trusted partner in the Hypley community, you benefit from ongoing promotion of your service. Here are some of the main ways we are actively marketing your listing. 

Web-friendly formatting of your service

Every listing on Hypley generates a web page that can be easily found on Google as well as other search engines. It’s essentially a mix of input from you and a bit of science on our part.

This new web page is more likely to be near the top of search results on Google because it’s backed up by the strength of the Hypley website. Essentially, your service is instantly given a leg up because of the online reputation of Hypley as a whole.

For the best chance to have your service get found, make sure you have a robust “About the service” section and at least 10 quality photographs. 

Online advertising

At Hypley, we want to bring you the kinds of bookings you want, and lots of them. We have a team of marketers and data scientists working non-stop to bring qualified clients to your listing. Some of this is done through paid advertising, where we are spending cash to bring interested clients in the door.

In addition, we do our best to keep people engaged once they have shown interest in your service. When someone visits your listing, we’ll start to show them advertisements that feature photos of your service to keep you top of mind. This technique is incredibly effective and is automatically applied to your listing on Hypley.

Recommendations from our Customer Experience Team

Every day we have users reaching out to us asking for service recommendations. Our team of agents use client provided information to search our platform and recommend your listings.  

Community celebrations

We know that the power of Hypley exists in the uniqueness of your services. As often as we can, we host expos for weddings and others.

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