How To Decide On Your Guest List For The Wedding?

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Written by Sayan Banik
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wedding guest, Hypley

Things to keep in mind while making a guest list for the wedding

A wedding is one of the many memorable events in our life. It might be the build-up for just one day, but planning the wedding, literally, takes months. Finalizing the guest list, making a list of the dresses, contacting caterers, arranging the venue, favors for the guests, and the list is endless.

For all these years, you must have met a lot of people, made contacts, associates, acquaintances, and so on. But we know that you won’t be interested in inviting all the people from your past, especially the ones insignificant in your lives.

Some people might turn up out of nowhere and strangely, invite themselves to your wedding. But, chances are less for this to happen.

Today, we are here  to help you by sharing some valuable tips regarding guest invitation so that you won’t miss out on any of your well-wishers, so keep reading.

For any wedding plans to be successful, finalizing the guest list should be at the top of your to-do wedding list. And in case you have started with any other essential steps, we advise you to take a moment and first get a fair estimate of your guest count, because the number will significantly affect your choice of venue and your budget.

It is a personal matter and so, ultimately the decision is up to you for whom you will invite or not. But in case you are in a dilemma, we are here to help you out with some simple suggestions.

Okay, so finally! Take your notepad and let’s get started.

The Important Ones

The guests without whom you cannot imagine your wedding. These guests are the ones who have played a significant role in your life till date to shape you into the person you are. Imagine how these guests will be equally excited as you are on your wedding day, cheering, and clapping when you and your partner will walk down the aisle to take the vows.

wedding guest, Hypley

According to reports, these guests have a chance of 90-95% to make it to your wedding. So, in short, the guest list includes:

  • Your extended family.
  • Your closest friends.
  • Your closest relatives.

Next on The Guest List

Now it’s time to move ahead with the guest list. Make sure you jot down the reason in your guest list why you want these guests to be present at your wedding. If you consider them to be happy for your marriage, and they do feel the same way, then there’s an 85% chance of these guests attending your wedding. The list includes:

  • Close neighbors from the community.
  • Your colleagues and associates.
wedding guest, Hypley

NOTE: Make sure while making the guest list, you have taken into account the names of guests, your significant other wants to have at the wedding. So, in simple words whatever count you’ve taken, just multiply it as you’ll have guests from both sides.


After inviting all the priority guests, it’s time for you to reminisce about some old memories. You still miss your high school days and your basketball team, whom you haven’t seen for years. But you want your mates to know about your wedding. Or your college best friend who lives in a different city.

wedding guest, Hypley

But if you have a budget, you can invite them over. There’s a 50-60% chance they’ll make it to your wedding. The list includes:

  • Long-distance friends.
  • Travel Buddies.
  • High School Mates.

Working Guests

wedding guest, Hypley

Well, it’s obvious you will have vendors working their hearts out for your wedding to be a grand success. This list includes the photographer, the florists, the wedding planner, and so on.

If you are getting wedded by an officiant who’s a justice of the peace or a clergy member, make sure you include his name too.

A Quick Math for You!

Here’s a simple example for you:

If you have 80 of your relatives and friends, 40 of your colleagues and neighbors, 20 out-of-townees, and 10 vendors attending the wedding, here’s how we calculate the estimated heads that will turn up for the wedding:
(80 * 90%) + (40 * 85%) + (20 * 60%) + 10 = 72 + 34 + 12 + 10 = 128

So, have a fair idea that if you invite 150 people upfront, around 128 will attend your wedding.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to make a guest list for your wedding and found an answer to your question ‘How many people should I invite to my wedding?’. Best Wedding Wishes from Hypley. Stay Happy!

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wedding guest, Hypley
wedding guest, Hypley
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