DIY your own Grazing Table


Written by Michael Manley
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If you want to book next wedding, birthday or party to look amazing, a grazing table or delicious platters will definitely wow your guests! A grazing table is like a buffet table, but it’s specifically designed as finger food or nibbles. You can think of it as a cheese and charcuterie board on steroids. A grazing table can be on a wooden board, counter or any large surface. The food, fruits, biscuits are arranged in piles that spill, overlap and intertwine into each other, like a piece of art on a table.

Platters are super popular for birthdays, parties and any other social gathering.

Technically, a grazing table is a buffet. But it doesn’t look like your normal pizza buffet. You don’t see a chafing dish on the table but a it’s usually packed with finger food. Whatever type of food you want, but it tends to include breads, dips, raw vegetables, fresh fruits and more. You may even find some ham, salami, anything that is bite sized and appealing. A big different with a grazing table and a buffet is that it’s styled to look appealing rather than just emptying the food onto the table.

  • Easy to set up
  • You can spend more time with guests instead of cooking a bbq 
  • Provides an unforgettable experiences
  • Gives your guests and you the chance to taste and experiment
  • Allows you to be proud when you get compliments on your grazing table

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We left an video below for you to watch on creating a grazing platter.

  • Grazing table guidelines
There are a many  ways to creating a grazing table, but it’s been designed to make it visually appealing and easy for guests to pick and nibble at food. It’s usually a table, but it can even be a large platter, wooden board, counter or just any large and flat surface.
  • For grazing Use a large table. You want several guests to have access to the food at once. As it gives your guests the opportunity to taste a bit of everything at one table and allow you to be creative and innovative with grazing table.
  • Cover the entire table with food and fruits. you can easily create grazing table while it depending on theme and event. Most grazing tables are artfully crammed with food, even if some of that food is repeated several times on the table.
  • Once you choose decorating theme. The linens, serving pieces and utensils should all be similarly themed. For example Christmas lunch grazing tables include related themed food, gold decor, plants, herbs and props. There should also be natural, non-edible elements on the table that match your theme like flowers, plants and sprigs of herbs.
  • Not all foods need a platter. Butcher block paper is often placed over the table and some foods, particularly meats and cheeses, are placed directly on the paper. 
  • Think all the grazing table food favourites, surrounded by a selection of fresh flowers, greenery and candles in jars. A gorgeous snack wonderland.
  • Use foods that keep well at room temperature and are mainly finger foods. Don’t use items that you need to cut with a knife once they’ve left the table. Cut everything into nice shape so that people can quickly pick up bite-sized portions — like breads or hard cheeses.
  • Use fresh, seasonal, local produce and ensure your grazing table has a balance of ingredients, colours and textures. Choose seasonal and fresh fruits to grazing the table, artisan cheese wheels, baskets of assorted bread rolls.
  • Sweet treats (chocolate, mini pastries,tarts) turn your dessert table into grazing style, sweet treat grazing table. Pastries, cupcakes and slices, stacked beside glass jars filled with treats
  • Grazing tables can be the entire main courses of a meal at an event, and a grazing dessert table can be separated or included on the main table

1. Choose a theme

There are a  number of options here You can easily create grazing tables depending on your theme or special event.

There are a  number of options here You can easily create grazing tables depending on your theme or special event.
Grazing tables are the best and effective way to attract the guests providing them innovative grazing platters.Choose foods, serving pieces, decorative serving platters, utensils, decorations and props that fit with your theme.

There are some theme ideas to consider:

Think all the grazing table food favourites, surrounded by a selection of fresh flowers, greenery and candles in jars. A gorgeous snack wonderland.

Sweet treats- Turn your dessert table into a garzing style, sweet treat grazing table. Pastries,cupcakes and slices, stacked beside glass jars filled with treats.

2. Have ample props and crockery

Always consider to using neutral coloured plates, bowls, serving trays, platters and boards, which will work well for any theme. 

Decorative serving platters, you can use cake stands, tiered stands and cake domes to add height to your grazing table. Decorative serving platters, you can use cake stands, tiered stands and cake domes to add height to your grazing table. Always fill the empty space by adding more fruits and vegetables and split them up around the board for prettier presentation.

3. Choose Fresh flowers and greenery and fruits

Always choose seasonal, fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and also ensure that your grazing table has a balance of colours. Along with seasonal fruits and vegetables use artisan cheese wheels, basket of assorted bread rolls and veggies. Aslo, make it good enough to eat!.

You can choose mixture of different foods 

  • Start with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • You can choose shaved meats and cheeses
  • Fresh breads,nuts,seeds,crackers,katsu curry,salad cups and other dippable items
  • Dips and spreads
  • Choose a mixture of seeded crackers
  • Choose marinated mixed olives and pickles
  • Use sweet treats such as chocolate, mini pastries, and tarts to look platters innovative

How to put your grazing table together

There are no hard rules when creating your grazing table, but there  are some tips to grazing your table.

1. Your table or grazing surface

Consider the size of your grazing table as it should not be too small or too big. because when you choose the right size of you board you want to fill as this will guide you about the ingredients you would to use. If your table is too small, your guests won’t be able to easily access the food. If your table is too large, your feast will look pitiful. You want your grazing table to wow, not look sad.

2.  Table height

Place your table at appropriate height this will add a three dimensional feel to your table and make it more visually appealing. You don’t want it to look flat. To make it more creative, boxes, wooden boards, metal baskets, crates and tiered stands to create different heights to display your food.

You can also stack wheels of cheese to look like a cake, and garnish honeycomb, figs and herbs. 

3. Setting the table
Use different sizes and shapes of servingware to make it more creative and innovative and choose a single theme related to grazing table.
Keep your servingware simple if you want the food to stand out and be the main attraction. It makes easier for the host too as you can prepare everything in a proper way.
Your grazing table should look arty and you want your guest to dig in – They should not be afraid to touch the food. Place Scatter crackers, fruits, nuts and herbs around the table.

4. Food according to the guest and theme

You should choose the food related with your theme and event of the party. Choose colorful fruits and vegetables to look you grazing table beautiful and attractive also do not choose food that’s too big or messy to eat. Arrange everything accordingly guests choice so that they can able to eat a little bit of everything from your grazing table menu