How it works

We aim to provide the most simple way to organise your event online. We are constantly improving and working on simplifying your user experience to save you time and money.

How Hypley works

1. Search

Enter Location and what you wish to hire

2. Filter and Compare

Filter through category, pricing & location

3. Return and Review

Make a secure payment and talk with our vetted Partners

*When booking you will not be charged until the Partner confirms it. You will then be sent an email. Use the contact button if you want to talk to the Partner beforehand.

Why use Hypley

Good Reviews

The ability to see partners reviews helps you to choose who would be the right fit for your request.

Affordable and Convinent

Instead of going from site to site, using our platform makes it easier for you to compare pricing and more.

Local Experts

Find the closest partner near you with our location feature and map.

Variety of Choice

We provide the largest variety of choice so you have the best options to choose from.

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