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Welcome to Hypley. We have a wide range of unique flower walls at the most affordable prices.  Get your Birthdays, Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Baby Showers, all FLOWERED up!

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If you are looking for flower wall decor for your next once-in-a-lifetime event, you are at the right place!
Hypley team will help you create the WOW factor for your next event. We’ve created over 1,000 beautiful flower walls and flower stickers for weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, and more. We have very unique flower wall designs for special occasions. These stunning outdoor decors make your event beautiful and memorable.
Book with us to turn your event into a cherished memory with hassle-free decor setups.
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Flower Walls

Corporate Events

Whether you are planning for a small business celebration or a big business celebration. We have a wide range of flower wall decal designs to make your event stand out!

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Wedding & Engagment

We make high-quality flower wall for wedding or engagement venues noticeable to everyone. These flower wall designs give an elegant look to your once in a lifetime occasion. We also decor your engagement or wedding with your dream wallflower design.

Birthday & Family celebrations

Our modern and elegant flower wall art can turn your dull decorations into glamour. We provide top quality flower wall designs to make your birthday, baby shower, or family party look classy. Our designed flower walls make your occasion fabulous.


It was a great experience to work with the Hypley team. They made my wedding venue beautiful with their unique flower wall decor designs. It was a fantastic setup of flower walls. Thank you, Hypley for your amazing service.
Shanelle, wedding
I am glad to say thanks to Justine for her recommendations. Hypley team arranged the whole venue setup and decorations for my birthday party at New Farm Park. All flower wall setup arrangements were noticeable by people. They made my birthday party and venue memorable for me.
Danielle, Birthday
I won't know how I can say thanks to Hypley. They made my business event so special to me. My boss was very impressed yesterday from all the setup arrangements of flowers and flower backdrops. Justine and Michael also helped me to initial the meeting setup as well. I want to Thank you very much for such a fantastic service.
Daniel, Proposal

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About us

We started our service to make every event remarkable and hassle-free. Hypley knows how stressed out and busy it can be organizing an event. We make sure we deliver the best prices and services, which is why we have the best reputation in town.

Flower Wall Hire Adelaide

Hypley flower wall hire adelaide

We love flower wall Hire Adelaide as they make every event special for every customer by creating beautiful flower walls according to their choice and color theme. They always provide a colorful design to make their clients happier. 

Flower Wall Hire Perth

Flower wall Hire Perth delivers beautiful and colorful flower walls for wedding, engagement, or any type of special occasion. They always give their best to make every event special and memorable for every customer. 

flower wall perth

Flower Wall Hire Melbourne

Flower Walls

We love flower wall Hire Melbourne as they provide beautiful and elegant flower walls on every special occasion. They do flower walls set up according to their customer choice and color theme selected by the customer.

Flower Wall Hire Sydney

Flower wall Hire Sydney provides a unique and beautiful flower walls designs for your wedding, engagement function, or every special occasion. They provide stunning outdoor decor to make your event beautiful and memorable. 


flower wall hire Sydney

Flower Wall Hire Brisbane

If you are thinking about beautiful and elegant flower walls design for your next event or function, flower wall Hire Brisbane is the best option that provides unique and beautiful flower walls designs for every special occasion. They always deliver beautiful and stunning outdoor decor to make your event beautiful and memorable.

flower wall hire brisbane

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