Finger Food Catering

Essential Catering & Events finger food catering and cocktail catering menus are ideal for corporate catering, office catering, party catering, social events, sports functions, family gatherings, weddings or major outdoor festivals and events in Brisbane, Gold Coast and more.

Whether you have your own venue, office organise or need help finding one, we can create one for you.

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Finger Food Catering

From flawless execution to professional and engaging staff, Essential Catering & Events in Brisbane with a full-service caterer, providing a distinctive experience for every event. Together, Hypley creates a professional and memorable event for you and your guests.

Our Caterers finger food range, also known as cocktail catering offer the widest variety of choice. From simple to gourmet all of our finger food and cocktail menus are handmade in-house, utilising fresh, local produce made in their kitchens with chefs. Our Caterers also have a large selection for dietary options, your guests will be satisfied with the range of delicious food we offer. Fresh, healthy, delicious finger food, you can also get standard finger food as well.

Some examples are sushi, canapes, mini burgers and more.

"Michael found me four different catering packages to choose from for my event. They put together the packages fast and helped me with all my questions."

Sandra Files

Our Team

All of our catering teams are full of energy and have a passion in making food. We Vett all of our suppliers to make sure we only have the best caterers on board! The planning, co-ordination to detail ensures your event runs perfect, that is why clients come back to Hypley!

We look forward to serving you delicious finger food and cocktail food for your corporate catering, party catering or wedding catering.


No matter where you are, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast you will always find at least 10 caterers servicing your area. We always make sure we have the best caterers and enough for you to decide which package to choose from.

Corporate Functions

We deliver a catering package that is ideally suited to your event. Don’t settle for a set menu or limited options, we pride ourselves on delivering catering packages that are individually tailored to match all of your needs and requirements.

Do you need to cater for specific dietary requirements? Unlike many caterers in the industry, we have a flexible approach and ability to prove the best catering services to accommodate all needs. Just let us know and we will provide you with a range of delicious options that can help please all of your guests.

Finger food catering

Largest finger food Selection

We have partnered with over 30 of Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast best caterers.


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Caterers and other services can be booked out months in advance. That is why we make sure we have a variety of vetted caterers to choose from.

Top Providers

We have the best food service suppliers in town who have a good reputation and happy customers.

Wide range of menu

Whatever your requirements are, we have built a reputation for supplying mouth-watering and affordable finger food catering. We have the best caterers in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

All of our menus have been well researched and provide an opportunity for guests to savour the taste of our freshly prepared dishes. Some of our providers have over 30 years experience. We are the right choice for planning your party, corporate, wedding or wake catering.

Hassle Free Finger food for every occasion

With expert caterers we understand that it is essential to back up your food and beverage offering with a reliable, hassle free service. To help cut down on the organisational side of your wedding or corporate event, we provide everything that you need.

We can even provide marquees along with furniture as required. Our aim as one of the best catering near me platforms to provide you with everything needed to make your party, wedding or event a success.

Formal or Informal Catering near me

Our menus offer a wide variety of options to suit just about any occasion. In the unlikely event of not being able to find something you like, let us know and we’ll tailor a special menu for you. Choose from fine dining, finger food, delicious buffets, table service or our wonderful grazing menu.

No matter what your requirements are, we have a menu that will suit. We have fully licensed Caterers, alcohol isn’t an issue either. 

Our Finger Food Providers

The best way to find a cater close to your event. Follow the smell of cheese and choose the most enticing platters and meal packages to satisfy your guests.