6 Things to look for in a wedding venue when planning a wedding

wedding venue, Hypley

Written by Sayan Banik
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wedding venue, Hypley

Take a look at some of the important questions to ask

A wedding is a beautiful moment which we want to enjoy to its fullest. So have you decided on your wedding venue? Well! It’s not about looking for wedding venues near your area. You should find the prettiest place which you deserve.

Many questions may come to your mind while finalizing any place. So, make sure that your venue answers all the questions you may have. Lets take a look at some of the important questions to ask a wedding venue before booking.

Is the destination available on the wedding date?

This is the first step, you should decide on your wedding date. Discuss it with your partner and come up with a date that is special to both of you- based on your first meeting, first date, etc.

Now think about the month. Months like May, July, and December are the peak ones. You can avoid these months if you dont want to put a stress on your pocket.

wedding venue, Hypley

What will be the overall budget?

You will probably get a price quote, but what all is included in that? Also, there are reception halls which may give you some concessions if you plan your wedding on Friday or Sunday night.

Ask the venue owner about the same. Its better to inquire about the cost by calling other venue places. This will give you an idea of the budget which you are supposed to spend.

Look for alternative options to save money. Like you can avoid photographer charges, by assigning this work to any of your relatives who is willing to do this work at a discounted price.

wedding venue, Hypley

Count the guests which you want to invite

Its up to you, whether you want a small intimate wedding or a large one. Make a list of persons whom you want to invite to your wedding.

In this task, ask your fiance to make a separate list, dont think of a budget while preparing the list. Once made, combine yours and your fiance’s list and start cutting down the guests whom you dont want to entertain much.

You can make the second list in which you can keep these removed names. In case of some extra room, you can send late invitations to them.

wedding venue, Hypley

What if it rains?

You must think about this option too. This is the worst thing which can happen if you choose an outdoor wedding. You should think about the steps which you can take in those last moments.

Get in touch with the local tent rental services and know their policies in such emergency moments. Usually, most of the churches remain free on Saturdays, hence getting in touch with the local church can be a better option in such situations.

Dont forget to let your guests know about the alternative place if you have decided on the rain-alternative venue before your wedding. You can mention that place on the wedding invitation card.

wedding venue, Hypley

Is there any other event scheduled on the same day?

You may need to know this, as most of us want 100% of the staff’s attention to our wedding ceremony. In case of any other wedding on the same date, the staff needs to attend both weddings simultaneously, and this is where things can get messy.

It is common for sites to book the place for afternoon and evening events on the same day; so, this may not be a problem.

wedding venue, Hypley

How long can you enjoy the party?

Many wedding venues expect parties to end up in certain time slots, and want the place to be cleaned up before you leave. You should be aware of the time slot before finalizing the venue.

If you have booked the place for a complete day, then you should know how late you can enjoy, in case the venue is booked only for you on that day.

Usually, the wedding halls are available only for four hours, depending on the number of guests and dinner activities. One hour extra is given for the cleaning purpose.

Make a note of your wedding time, how long it will last, the transition time from the ceremony and reception, and finally, the time left in the evening. All these things will let you know the overall time you are allowed to spend at the venue.

wedding venue, Hypley


I hope you understood what to ask your wedding venue before settling down everything with them. Ensure that your venue owner answers all your queries convincingly, after all, you want your wedding to be a memorable event for everyone.

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wedding venue, Hypley
wedding venue, Hypley
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wedding venue, Hypley