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Customer Interactions: How it creates value

How Interactions create value

customer, Hypley

By Michael Manley
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Studies show that 89 per cent of consumers stop buying from businesses after experiencing poor customer services.  The same customer is four times more likely to buy from a competitor instead! Only 1% of consumers feel their expectations for a good customer experience were met. After a negative experience, more than a quarter of consumers posted a negative comment on a social network.

The same study showed 86% would also pay up to 25% more to experience the best customer service! Over 73%  fall in love with a brand because of friendly employees and customer representatives. So here’s some advice from Hireitem on how you can maintain or gain interactions with customers.

Employee motivation 

Ever gone to a store and met a person who looked like they were miserable working there. Is that his fault or the store’s fault? Who knows, but consumers are likely to think badly of the store. Providing training in customer service allows employees to greater understand the impact their role has on the organisation. When businesses care about their employees, it is more likely to motivate them which will result in the employee being more engaged and motivated. Think of it as an equation: improved customer service + increased customer satisfaction + increased customer loyalty = an increase in profit.

Engage with your customers

Let’s take Hubspot for an example, after two minutes of creating an account they sent me an automated email welcoming me. Hubspot then called one hour later, I didn’t even remember why I signed up with HubSpot or what they do. I usually find telemarketing calls annoying but this was different because she didn’t pitch to me saying we can do this and that instead,  she asked why I signed up and learnt everything about I was then provided quality feedback and advice on what I may need in the future. She then taught me about their services and HOW THEY CAN HELP ME, if I require CRM or other services in the future, HubSpot will be the first CRM service partners on my mind.

Customer complaints

Due to technology one unhappy client can reach thousands of people or send your company viral in a bad way. 79% of consumers who shared complaints got ignored, while 21% received responses, more than a half had a positive reaction. Make sure your business isn’t part of that 79%, you see all the time on product review ignoring the issues compared to the ones who respond. An unhappy customer that’s transformed into a delighted customer, becomes even more loyal than a satisfied customer. Here are some ways to prevent and deal with complaints:

  • Record complaints and resolve them
  • Catch errors before your customer does, Mark Zuckerburg is still hands-on with his product. He is picked up on numerous errors before the user has.
  • Decrease call centre times and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Customers want the issue to be resolved within an hour.
  • Employee training on how to deal with unhappy clients.
  • Feedback


No one knows the customer better than themselves, customers want to be heard! Provide your customers with the opportunity to be heard, for example provide small surveys at the counter, ask them relevant questions and more. Study your customers, think outside the box of strategies to engage with them more. Offer a discount or other reward for the value they contribute.

Let’s get out there ourselves! Make our customers leave with a smile on their faces and our brand name in their conscious.

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