Wedding Planning Tips: A Step by Step Guide

wedding planning, Hypley
wedding planning, Hypley

All the things you need to know as to how to go about wedding planning?

So it’s final! You have figured out who your better half is. And, you have made the decision to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. We are so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

Okay, so your big wedding day is around the corner, and there are a lot of things you need to do. So, we need to get started. But, first things first, you need to plan your wedding activities.

Don’t break your sweat, yet. As much as we know it’s a daunting task to plan a wedding, we have got you covered!

Hey, why not distribute some of the wedding arrangements to the family members and friends? They will be more than happy to help you out.

We have assembled some of the basic things that you should consider to make your wedding a grand success.

Set a Budget

Well, the first and foremost thing that you want to figure out, before approaching a wedding planner, is how much you are willing to spend on the wedding. It’s a difficult task to start with, especially if you haven’t been a part of wedding planning before. But, listing down an estimate will ease up the process.

Sit down with your partner and your family and discuss how much money would it cost to make your dream wedding come true. If you have investors or other interested parties willing to make contributions to your wedding, have conversation with them and let them know of your wedding prospects.

wedding planning, Hypley

Think About Your Wedding Theme

Do you want your wedding venue in the town, or do you want it in a serene place? What kind of theme are you planning to have for the wedding? What theme best describes you two as a couple? What color combinations do you want for the exterior designs? What flower combinations do you want for your bouquets?

Well, the more you come up with these small, but significant questions, the more you will enjoy planning your wedding! Sometimes, hiring a wedding planner can be a wise decision.

You should scroll through different wedding pages on Facebook or Instagram to get some inspirations and unique ideas for your wedding.

wedding planning, Hypley

Make a Guest List

Before booking a wedding venue or contacting caterers, you need to have a fair idea of the number of guests you want to invite for the wedding. Overvaluation or undervaluation of the guest count can cause you massive troubles.

Do you want your whole community to attend the wedding, or do you want to keep it limited to family members and friends? Well, the choice is up to you. Be it a grand wedding or a private one, make sure all your arrangements for the wedding are spotless! Select your wedding party members- maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen, so that you can finalize an appropriate guest count.

wedding planning, Hypley

Choose Your Prospective Dates

Wedding planning includes setting an appointment with the justice of peace, a clergy member, whoever is going to perform the rituals for the wedding. Do you want to host the marriage in the summertime, or the Autumn? Do you want the wedding to be on a Saturday-Sunday night (generally more expensive hours) or, on a weekday?

Agree on a set of available dates for the wedding. Let all your guests know about your wedding plans. Take note if the guests are busy on any particular wedding date. Choose a date that is convenient for all the guests.

wedding planning, Hypley

Your Wedding Venue

Now that you have passed all the initial stages of the test (Haha!), it’s time for you to book your wedding venue. You must’ve already decided where to host your wedding, in the town, or the suburbs.

Depending on the guest count, contact all the venue agencies, and discuss your preferences with them. Don’t compromise on the wedding location, for any other inconveniences.

Before finalizing a deal, go through their clientele report and previous client reviews, to ensure the quality of the service.

wedding planning, Hypley

Your Wedding Registry

It’s just the beginning of a whole new life! Signing the wedding registry marks the official announcement that the couple is engaged. Considering the other activities, wedding registration is a very important step in planning your wedding.

Try to get done with it, 3-5 months before the wedding. So that when the guests bring you engagement gifts and ask you about your registration, you already have your answers gathered.

wedding planning, Hypley

Pre-Wedding Parties

A wedding is a collective bonding. For generations, the bride’s family has been arranging luncheons for their bridesmaids, but when it comes to bachelor or bachelorette parties, the would-be-married couple can heave a sigh of relief! . It’s all up to the couple’s friends and colleagues.

Make sure you attend these events as they help in easing your wedding planning frustrations.

wedding planning, Hypley

Accommodation & Transportation

When it comes to the big wedding day, checking whether your guests have transport and accommodation is important. Usually, the bride’s family takes care of the bridesmaids’ accommodation and transportation. Similarly, the groom’s family arranges for transportation and lodging of the groomsmen.

wedding planning, Hypley

Your Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is usually held on the evening before the big wedding day. It is always advised that it should be hosted at the groom’s place, as his family will be responsible for the expenses.

wedding planning, Hypley

Wedding Gifts

Here, we have a simple solution. The bride’s family looks after the bridesmaid’s gifts and, the bridegroom pays for the groomsmen gifts at the wedding. Huh! Wedding planning can never be this easy, don’t you agree?

wedding planning, Hypley


Traditionally, it has always been the groom’s family who pay for the married couple’s honeymoon expenses. Nowadays, most couples have borne all the honeymoon related expenses on their own.

Setting up a honeymoon fund box at the wedding for the guests to donate some money has also been a common sight.

wedding planning, Hypley

Photography & the Wedding Photo Booth

You cannot afford to miss out on having photos taken on your wedding day. These photos are very important for your memories.

Booking a professional wedding photographer and renting a photo booth from a rental company, is however a task generally looked after by the bride’s family.

wedding planning, Hypley

Decoration and Flowers

Generally, the wedding venue rental company manages all the venue decorations.

But in the case, the venue doesn’t provide you with the wedding decorations, then the bride’s family has to arrange for external wedding decorators.

The flowers section, as to say the bouquets and the greeting flowers are part of the groom’s family’s duties, according to the wedding planning guidebook.

wedding planning, Hypley

When two souls are tying the knot, it’s not only the marriage of convenience, but also the marriage of two hearts!

So our recommendation is to always split up your wedding expenses between the two families. If the couple is financially independent and wants to take some responsibility, then the budget should be divided into three parts. One-third borne by the couple and the rest of it by their families. What a lovely gesture, isn’t it?

May all your wedding wishes come true. Try plan your wedding budget well before the dates. And have a blast!

Best of Luck From Hypley Family!

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wedding planning, Hypley
wedding planning, Hypley
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wedding planning, Hypley