Top 8 Baby Shower Cake Ideas

baby shower cake, Hypley

Written by Sayan Banik
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baby shower cake, Hypley

Our List of the best baby shower cakes

  1. Naked cakes
  2. Cheesy cakes
  3. Modern cakes
  4. White on white cakes
  5. Gender reveal cakes
  6. Botanical cakes
  7. Sprinkle cakes 
  8. Classy Ombre cakes

Finally, all your wait is worthwhile! It’s about time that the mum-to-be is bringing a new life to this Earth.

This is when, baby shower comes into the scene. It is the perfect way to celebrate such a bright occasion. Hypley here has noted down some of the best baby shower cake ideas for the baby shower to be a bit more special for the ‘little’ one.

Best 8 Baby Shower Cake Ideas

1. Naked Cakes

You might have come across the term ‘food porn’ before. Well, a naked cake sounds somewhat like that. But actually, it’s pretty different.

Naked Cakes are cakes which have very minimal or no frosting, which showcases the natural color and the texture of the cake. For the guests who don’t like buttercream much, this is the perfect cake.

baby shower cake, Hypley

2. Cheesy Cakes

This is an all-time favorite. Who doesn’t love simple yet delicious cheese cakes?

Cheese cakes are one of the most elegant dessert items ever, has 2 main layers. The inside thick part is made out of fresh cheese (mainly cream cheese or ricotta), sugar and eggs. The bottom crust is generally made out of crackers or crushed cookies.

baby shower cake, Hypley

3. Modern Cakes

Looking for a cake that isn’t all pastel pink and blue? These modern cakes will blow your mind!

Geometric designed cakes are made with precision which makes them spotless. They are so visually stunning! One of the best ideas for baby shower cake for the mum-to-be.

baby shower cake, Hypley

4. White on White Cakes

One of the simplest of baby shower cakes you’ll ever come across. Remember Snow White? Well, this cake will remind you of her.

A white cake features a single moist crumb. They are almost identical to the vanilla ones but the only difference is egg whites are used to make these sweet cakes.

baby shower cake, Hypley

5. Gender Reveal Cakes

Since, it’s all about the new soul coming to life, why not have a cake theme of gender reveal?

These are the usual vanilla flavored cakes with buttercream filling. What makes them different is the outer layer or the frosting. Two dye colors are used to indicate whether the new born will be a boy or a girl.

baby shower cake, Hypley

6. Botanical Cakes

If you want your baby shower cake to be well decorated, then you won’t find anything better than a botanical cake.

With elegant floral textures and extraordinary frosting techniques, these require skilled hands and are difficult to assemble.

baby shower cake, Hypley

7. Sprinkle Cakes

Want to add a tint of vibrant colors to your baby shower event? Sprinkles cakes would be the best option for the new mum-to-be.

The best way to make a confetti sprinkle cake is to add sprinkles to the cake before baking it. Once the cake starts to bake, all the sprinkles melt with the frosting to give a candy-like look.

baby shower cake, Hypley

8. Ombre Cakes

How about using some gradients on your baby shower cake?

Ombre Cakes are colorful cakes where all the colors are used gradually from light on the top to a dark bottom. The frosting is decorated with different colors.

baby shower cake, Hypley

We hope you found our baby shower cake article useful. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We wish you best of luck for your new beginning!

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baby shower cake, Hypley
baby shower cake, Hypley
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baby shower cake, Hypley