About us

Hypley knows organising events take time and can be stressful. Our platform has the largest choice of venues, services and party supplies in one place. We created a more affordable and effective solution to organise your event. Hypley turns organising your event from days into minutes! People, event organisers, enterprises and more prefer using us than going site to site.



Our Story

Justine and Michael were constantly hiring decor, equipment and more for events. Emailing, calling, going site to site to source what they needed! They Wasted a large amount of time over the years and realised they weren’t the only ones. It became such a pain, they started to think why is it so hard?

They talked to other event organisers and planners who had the exact same challenges. With their innovativeness, passion and determination they set out to create a solution. After constant iterating, hours of determination, researching and lessons learned the birth of their idea came to life.

earn money as an Hypley provider

Hypley is Australia’s favourite way to find the best options to hire. We provide leads for our Providers every month connecting them to the right target audience and creating successful bookings. We know how busy it is to run your own business, and sometimes you just don’t have time to do everything to maximise bookings. Let Hypley do all the work.

Our Founders

Michael Manley
The visionary &  dreamer
Michael is passionate about innovating and thinking of ideas to solve social issues. He aims for Hypley to be part of the foundation in creating a better future. When not advocating for a healthy future, Michael likes to play sports, network and learn.

Justine Brinkworth
The social & implementer
Justine is passionate about teaching kids and aims to help and improve Australian education. Justine likes to paint, play team sports and network in her spare time.
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Email: admin@hypley.com
TCB Building, The Precinct, 315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4000

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