Best Party Themes for Kids & Adults

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Written by Michael Manley
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Find out the best party themes for your event

  1. Kids Birthday Party ideas

  2. Party Themes For Adults

  3. Hypley Party Themes For Kids

  4. Hypley party themes for adults

It can be a real challenge planning your event, as you want it to be the best and memorable one ever filled with lots of fun. However choosing a party theme that suits your event and guests needs some consideration. That is the reason we have created a list of themes to help you guide in the right direction! Once you’ve chosen a party theme do visit our page on Instagram, Hypley ideas or Pinterest. This will guide you to decide on the following: clothing, decorations, props, food and so on for your event. Once you have that awesome vision mapped out, start planning your theme party with us! We will make sure to guide you through each step making your event a huge  success.

1. Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having a theme especially for children’s birthday parties play a huge role. You just need to find one that suits their personality and interest. Most of the time they will know what they want, but here are some ideas of popular themes this year.

  • Bugs Crazy Party

Bugs are common among younger this age. Colorful invitations can be made by cutting oval shapes out of artistic paper and adhering them to the card. To make a bug, use a coloured pen to draw the head, antennae, and legs. Kids can construct easy DIY bug magnets by attaching pom-poms or multicolored cut-outs on craft sticks as a party activity. They can also use googly eyes.

  • Circus party

The youngsters will have a blast at a circus-themed birthday celebration. You can make your own entry tickets, lemonade stands, vintage popcorn tins and cotton candy, polka dot cups and plates, mustache-topped straws, whirl pops, and even hire a clown to entertain the children.

  • Camping

You can set up tents in an open area and invite kids to take part in a variety of fun outdoor activities. You can take the kids on an adventure stroll where they can pick interesting rocks and leaf while attentively exploring nature. Finally, don’t forget to serve mores to the kids for added enjoyment!

  • Cowboy Party

With DIY wanted posters, you can be as creative as you want. To conjure up some entertainment for the kids, you can arrange horse riding races, balloon stampedes, lasso tosses, and rodeo rides. Cowboy hats, bandanas, and boots are permitted.

  • Rock-and-Roll Musical Party

You can build a homemade party invitation by putting colored copies of your child’s photo on the front of the card, along with the party details. Passing the parcel and musical statue are two structured yet simple games that function nicely. Your child’s favorite musical instrument could be turned into a birthday cake. Inflatable guitars or saxophones for kids are excellent return gifts.


  • Rainbow Party

You can celebrate your child’s birthday with a rainbow-themed party. With colourful party streamers, balloons, rainbow cake, rainbow paint station, and rainbow lollipops, you can create a multi-colored spectacular. With multi-colored beads, kids can build friendship bands or headbands.


  • Lego Birthday Party


Lego is currently extremely popular among children. You can use Lego blocks to build towers and then have the kids knock them down with a toy car or a ball. You can place Lego bricks in a jar and ask the youngsters to guess how many there are. Lego bricks can also be used to make decorations, such as a cupcake stand or a napkin holder.


2. Party themes for adults

  •  Casino Vegas Theme Party

Cards of huge gambling, giant dice, big dollars and dollars sign, signs of the casino, palm and cacti, giant palm leaves Roman golden pillars, signs of gambling.

Go wild for your theme party in Vegas and hire a party planner for a cool and trendy party! There are so many opportunities for decorating slot machines, chips and dollar signs as well as fantastic clothing options – without at least one casino table and a Vegas sign prop it wouldn’t be Vegas!

  • Alice in Wonderland Theme

A classic narrative motif with enormous rose trees, a crazy hatter’s glittery sign, jam tarts, playing cards, gigantic mushrooms, a gigantic clock and chain, sweets and cakes, Alice silhouette, and a gigantic red shoe seat wrapped in red, blue, and white drapes.

  • 70′s disco, 80′s retro, or 90′s pop theme

Everyone enjoys a good costume party, so have everyone dress up in 1980s attire or as one of their favorite movie stars or celebrities from the era. You might have your event planning staff create an 80s-themed playlist as well as some brightly colored mocktails for the attendees to consume while dancing the night away to cheesy pop music! Get your leggings and ra-ra skirts ready! For a 70s theme party, or even a 90s UV party, bring out the wigs!

  • Bollywood Theme

Cloth drapes in bright pink orange-gold and red, saris, draped gazebos, palm trees, palm fans, palm leaves, flower garlands, Bollywood sign, Taj Mahal scenery, gold pots and beads, elephants, reed screens.

  • Bond 007 Theme

Cloth drapes in black red and white, large 007 gold glitter logos, gun barrel backdrop, gold glitter bond ladies, bullion bars, Martini glasses, bond flats, casino signs and playing cards.


4. Hypley Most popular Adult Party requests 

  • Picnics
  • High tea: This is a most trending and popular party theme idea in Brisbane with people going on picnics, setting up tables with all sorts of DIY themes
  • Pub Crawl for men dressed as WWE stars, Mafia, Superheroes, Men in black, ladies, Mexican fiesta or other costume
  • Hollywood party theme 

5. Most popular kids Party requests 

  • Colour themes: White, blue, pink
  • Jungle theme
  • Disney Themes
  • Hollywood party theme 
  • Lol Dolls theme: We recently went to a venue on the Gold Coast that had a Lol Dolls theme set up. It was awesome, but these dolls also aren’t cheap.
  • Slumber Party: An emerging party theme ideas with partners offering services of coming over to set up slumber parties.


Choose your theme 3 months prior to your event giving you enough time to plan. Make sure to check with your audience about the themes that might interest them. Themes those serve the purpose of a theme are always unique! Starting from decorations to cupcakes and invitations making it a memorable one. Events are the best type of celebrations to create photographic memories! Build your excitement with everything being themed from your facebook event, invitation, your post, all the way to the small details because little things build up momentum into an awesome event.

Check out some of our tools to help you plan  your event successfully.

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