5 Best Party Themes for Kids & Adults

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Written by Michael Manley
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Find out the best party themes for your event

  1. Kids Birthday Party ideas

  2. Party Themes For Adults

  3. Birthday Party Themes

  4. Hypley Party Themes For Kids

  5. Hypley party themes for adults

It can be a real challenge planning your event, as you want it to be the best and memorable one ever filled with lots of fun. However choosing a party theme that suits your event and guests needs some consideration. That is the reason we have created a list of themes to help you guide in the right direction! Once you’ve chosen a party theme do visit our page on Instagram, Hypley ideas or Pinterest. This will guide you to decide on the following: clothing, decorations, props, food and so on for your event. Once you have that awesome vision mapped out, start planning your theme party with us! We will make sure to guide you through each step making your event a huge  success.

1. Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having a theme especially for children’s birthday parties play a huge role. You just need to find one that suits their personality and interest. Most of the time they will know what they want, but here are some ideas of popular themes this year.

  • Princess or Superhero birthday Theme party: Dressed in princess clothes with sparkly tiara and cinderella shoes on, Princess Theme party allows you to experience all the glitz and glam.
  • Beach or pool party: Just add water and put on your beachwear to create an awesome summer-themed pool party celebration.
  • Boho Slumber party: Think dream catchers, lots of fringe garlands, paper fans, throw rugs – and of course, pink! Check out one of our partners here.
  • Safari or Jungle party : Roar into the jungle theme party with Jungle Safari, Leopard print attires, Lion Mascot, Pineapple and Friends.
  • Rainbow kids theme party: Enter the world painted with bright rainbow colour theme party surrounded by rainbow streamer, wand and backdrop.
  • Roller or Ice skate party: Roller skates + glitter + tons of balloons. Is there anything cooler?
  • Superheroes Theme Party: Live your superhero life dressed up in Superhero costume and flaunt your cape in Superhero theme party. 
  • Transformers: Put on cool transformer mask and dive in to cool bots era with Transformer Theme Party.
  • A Particular Movie Theme: Experience your fantasy world of your Disney Movie. 
  • A Bugs Life: Get some crawly experience of bugs life and get some buzz buzz sting in A Bugs Life Theme Party.
  • Toy Story: Cowboy Hats, Woody costume, Space Helmets, Moon Bounce and start a buzz party that is light years ahead of us.
  • Frozen : Elope with adorable Elsa and Anna in their frozen world with Castle cake, Olaf floating in the bowl of Jello and icy world.
  • Moana
  • Any Disney theme
  • Peppa the pig
  • Bluey
  • Lego
  • Zoo Party (come as your favourite animals)
  • Favourite TV Show Characters
  • Favourite Movie Character

2. Party themes for adults

  • Oktoberfest: Create your own piece of German beer heaven dressed in Bavarian Style and get mustered up the Mut to organise your own Octoberfest theme party.
  • Toga Theme Party: Draped in white cloth with gold lame, large glitter sun with vineyards and fountain, Toga themed parties are the most popular ones.
  • Casino Royal: Chill and turn out to be a talk of town by throwing Casino Royal theme party draped in red and gold with giant playing cards, dice and glittery Dollar and Casino signs.
  • Hollywood Adult Theme Party: Flaunt your black and gold satin and voile in giant follow spot and red carpet with giant oscars in gold, clapper-boards, film reels and reel banners in Hollywood setting.
  • Tea Theme Party : Draped in pink, white and pale blue with chequered curtained windows, enjoying some assorted sweets, cakes and jam tarts, and sipping some exquisite Tea.
  • Mexican boho
  • Iridescent party
  • Rose & Gold
  • What’s trending
  • Tropical Festival for adults
  • Pride, get colourful
  • Adult humour party
  • Mexican Fiesta party
  • Pastel Party
  • Culture party- Paris, Hawaii, American.
  • 20’s , 30’s, 40’s, 80’s
  • Carnival adult theme
  • Luxury and elegant ball theme
  • Picnic party
  • WWE party 
  • Disney prince and princesses.
  • Reality Tv Star
  • Fancy Dress (anything goes)
  • Wild West Ranger theme
  • Under the Sea/ Nautical
  • Famous Dead People
  • Heroes vs Villain
  • Paris Nights
  • Multi-cultural Party
  • British Punk theme
  • Australia vs New Zealand: Is a classic party theme ideas for those down under.
  • True Blue Australian
  • Miami Nights
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Italy theme
  • Brazilian Carnival: Sparkly and glittery.

3. Birthday Party Themes for Adults

  • Prom Theme Party: Relive your Prom again with your prom dress or suit on, tapping on 80s song with cool prop and picture booth.
  • Cocktail Reception theme
  • 80’s Bash
  • Coffee Reception
  • Formal 
  • High Tea
  • Banquet

4. Hypley Most popular Adult Party requests 

  • Picnics
  • High tea: This is a most trending and popular party theme idea in Brisbane with people going on picnics, setting up tables with all sorts of DIY themes
  • Pub Crawl for men dressed as WWE stars, Mafia, Superheroes, Men in black, ladies, Mexican fiesta or other costume
  • Hollywood party theme 

5. Most popular kids Party requests 

  • Colour themes: White, blue, pink
  • Jungle theme
  • Disney Themes
  • Hollywood party theme 
  • Lol Dolls theme: We recently went to a venue on the Gold Coast that had a Lol Dolls theme set up. It was awesome, but these dolls also aren’t cheap.
  • Slumber Party: An emerging party theme ideas with partners offering services of coming over to set up slumber parties.


Choose your theme 3 months prior to your event giving you enough time to plan. Make sure to check with your audience about the themes that might interest them. Themes those serve the purpose of a theme are always unique! Starting from decorations to cupcakes and invitations making it a memorable one. Events are the best type of celebrations to create photographic memories! Build your excitement with everything being themed from your facebook event, invitation, your post, all the way to the small details because little things build up momentum into an awesome event.

Check out some of our tools to help you plan  your event successfully.

P.S. Did we miss one of your favourite party themes? Message us on Instagram.

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